Jetsons: The Movie

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Jetsons: The Movie

Jetsons: The Movie Rating:
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Set off for some intergalactic fun with America’s favorite family of the future in their full-length animated movie! Meet George Jetson; Jane, his wife; daughter Judy; son Elroy; Rosie the Robot and Astro the family dog as they move to an asteroid full of space-age wonders. But when they discover that George’s new company is disturbing the home of friendly underground creatures named Grungies, they’ll have to work together to spread peace on their new space place. Directed by the original creators of The Jetsons, Joseph Barbera and William Hanna, and featuring the voice talents of the original George and Jane Jetson, George O’Hanlon and Penny Singleton, as well as legendary voice artist Mel Blanc (Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck), and music from pop singer Tiffany, it’s destined to be a universal hit with the whole family!


  • Universal Studios Jetsons: The Movie

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