Drunk In Public

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Drunk In Public

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Drunk In Public is a feature documentary directed by award winning filmmaker David J. Sperling. This final and complete film spans and chronicles the last 18 years in the touching, tragic and thought provoking life of Mark David Allen, a man arrested more than 500 times. This documentary provides a non-judgmental objective long term look at alcoholism. Nothing produced captures the progressive nature of addiction like this film...It is somber, educational, and sometimes funny. Audiences seem to respond to this unique presentation on an issue that affects nearly everyone. Therefore it is ideal for rehabilitation programs, teenagers and their families, law enforcement training, churches, counselors, schools and anyone else touched by the trauma of addiction. Since the first version, Drunk In Public has screened and collected awards in a number of festivals. This is an independently produced film with a gritty and realistic nature that is determined to open your eyes and challenge your heart.


  • "The greatest documentary on alcoholism of all time." - Alan Beeck - BIFF
  • "Horrifingly candid." - John McCready
  • "Wow, major impact!...This could save lives." - Dr. Daniel Headrick
  • "It is a raw, disturbing, powerful piece of filmography genius." - T. Smith
  • "This film changed my life. Thank you." - Sarah Z.

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